This cards deck contains 72 essences-qualities, designed in light language fabric.

These fabrics are a sequence of seven shapes colored by the colors of the chakras,

Every array is called Grid.

Every essence emanates the frequency of the same quality

In a way that is aligned and harmonious with the intention.

Each grid contains the quality of a particular essence, Such as: security, truth, love, etc.

We  can use the cards to invite the same quality into our lives, by putting the card in our space for example: at home, in the office or in the bedroom, etc.

The grid will be a magnet for the frequency and anything that is not aligned with this frequency, will clear away from the energetic space.

We can also use the cards as Tarot, To receive messages to our lives

for specific questions.

This pack of cards is dedicated with love and Gratitude to Starr Fuentes,

The lineage holder of the Curandros shamans, that all this wonderful knowledge has passed through her and through the Mayan Shamans.

The colored shapes in these cards were designed based on the genius software of Jerry Pegden.

For more information:

Essences Dictionary: Light Language 1 cards

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  • 72 Cards 

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